Meet the Team


Juliana Green

I live in Libertyville with my husband and two daughters. The rest of our family includes our Golden Retriever (Abbey), our Beagle (Max) and our cat (Woody). I have always been passionate about animals and I love being able to make a living caring for them. I worked in an office for several years, but I never found it very fulfilling.

I now have the best job in the world and I have a great team of people that work with me.


Eileen Hoch

My name is Eileen Hoch. My husband John and I reside in Libertyville with our three young sons. Growing up, our large family always included a cat or two in the mix. Since we do not currently have any pets of our own, our clients’ dogs and cats provide me my daily animal “fix”! Just like my sons, the pets we care for infuse my day with energy and love. I sincerely enjoy and appreciate the time I have with them.


Cindy Centeno

My name is Cindy Centeno.  I live in Libertyville with my husband, two boys, my cat, my dog, and my sons’ various other pets. I have always loved animals and grew up with cats and dogs my entire life.  I enjoy helping others care and love for their pets, giving them piece of mind that their furry loved ones are being well taken care of! 


Jenn Maslic

I live in Libertyville, with my husband Mickey and our three children Macyn, Avery, and Jackson. The other members of our family include our cats (Mia, Miles, and Kenny), our dog (Cooper), my daughter's fish (Sushi), and our Guinea Pigs (Lucy & Lola). I grew up in the area, and have always had as many animals in my house that either my mom, dad, or husband would agree to! I have a true love for animals and would love to have as many in our home as I could. Going out every day and making sure other people's loved ones are cared for while they cannot be there, is truly a privilege and joy, and I enjoy every minute of it!


Barb Fox

Dogs have always been a very important part of my life. Big, small I love them all. We have owned 4 Goldens, a Staffordshire Pit Bull Terrier (rescue dog), Cocker Spaniels and now we have Bling-our Black Lab Pincher mix that we got at Kay's Animal Shelter.

It is such a treat to get pooch loving all day long-I am a lucky woman. Woof woof!


Kirsten Michelotti

I live in Libertyville with my husband Carl.  We have three children -- two in high school and one in college.  I've been surrounded by animals all my life, from tadpoles to turtles and hamsters to horses.  We have four dogs ranging in age from three to fifteen.  They are an extension of our family and lovingly cared for.  It's of great importance to me to give the same care and attention to the dogs I walk.  I'm fortunate to spend my day with them!